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My Current & Future Projects

Anyone who knows me is well aware that I am always working on something. Whether it be fully-fledged books with plots drafted or tiny seedlings of an idea, I like to have multiple projects on the shelf to keep my creative brain engaged and interested.


Below you will find most of my flushed-out fantasy projects that either have lots of world-building done or has significant work done on an outline. In the future, I will have links to their respective World Anvil pages where you can explore the worlds and learn about certain characters!

I hope you enjoy this peek into my writing madness!


Aislinn Eligor is heir to a kingdom that hates her.

Nine years ago, seven-year-old Aislinn was whisked away under cover of night to escape a monster; her father the king. Now, after news of his murder has breached the once peaceful walls of the Monastery she’s called home, she’s hungry for change and control over a life that’s never felt like hers.

Blaire O'Connell wants to eradicate all demons. 

After his younger brother succumbed to a powerful possession, Blaire exiled himself from his knightly post and took up the mantle of demon hunter. But, when he is called back to Anglafalla, the city where he lost everything, he is given the chance to avenge his brother, so long as he can stomach killing a blind 16-year-old girl...and sole heir to the Irkallan throne.


When their paths collide, neither is prepared for the evil that lurks within their holy city, or themselves. The question becomes when – not if – the kingdom will perish as dark forces gather in the shadow of the throne and within the heart of Aislinn Eligor herself.


Vespertine by Margaret Rogerson, Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin,

Jujutsu Kaisen by Gege Akutami, and the Queen's Gambit TV miniseries


Standalone Novel

Draft in Progress


For a time, all Itzala Blackmore wanted was death.


First, it was the avalanche. It crushed everything she held dear under several feet of ice, and left what came crawling out a broken, rotten thing.


Second, it was the conscription. Her best friend and closest confidant is forced to travel to the Black Wolf Pass to secure the safety of the Blackmore Clan, a three-year journey that might not see him return.


Thirdly, and finally, it was the curse. A 300-year-old unbreakable curse that has left her mind and body burning from the inside out, with a strange and painful power ready to consume everything and everyone in the Valley she calls home.


All of it points to one entity, a man halfway between realms with flaming evergreen eyes...eyes that now burn brightly in Itzala's own skull.

What has been done must now be undone as Itzala begins a dark journey of uncovering the mysteries surrounding herself, her family, and the flames in the eyes of a dead man.


Jade Aesthetic.jpg


Avatar: The Last Airbender Television Series, Sky In the Deep by Adrienne Young, The Invisible Life of Adie LaRue by V.E. Schwab, Frostblood by Elly Blake, and the Vikings Television Series

The first novel in a duology, part of the FATE OF FIRE book universe


Transitioning from the fan-fiction version to an original rough draft ( 200k + words )


It was a human who created the forest. Now it might be a human who saves it...

Makatsa is the first human to be born in the Kalmera Forest since the dawn of its creation thousands of years ago. With this great miracle comes great cost, and many of the inhabitants of the living forest are beginning to realize that it's a cost they can't accept.

Since Makatsa's miracle birth 18 years ago, the forest has become increasingly hostile. Kalmera trees attack strongholds and villages relentlessly, killing hundreds. Beasts prey on Kalmerans for sport, leaving mangled bodies behind. Food and water are mysteriously laced with poison that rots limbs and minds, and parasitic spores fill the air, turning unsuspecting victims into incubators for Kalmera trees.


As the daughter of a high-ranking noble in the city of Thoria, Makatsa has been doing her part to help staunch the flow of death: organizing controlled burns of the tress, fortifying defenses, recruiting wall guards, and continuing her exploration of the never-ending forest, looking for clues about its sudden and violent hostility. But her efforts come to a screeching halt after her fiancee becomes another innocent victim in the chaos.

As Makatsa grieves, Kalmerans continue to die around her, and more and more of them begin to point to her birth as the reason for the forest's aggression.

Fueled by her grief, Makatsa sets out to find the center of the forest, a location that has never been discovered or mapped by previous explorers. It is believed that in the center lies the first tree of the Kalmera Forest, the birthplace of all Kalmeran kind. There, she believes she will find a way to halt the encroaching doom of her people, and possibly, bring back the one person she holds most dear.


Digital Art by Ryky, Jorge Jacinto, JJ Canvas, Somatonic, and the card art and worlds released by Magic the Gathering. No composition titles yet!

A possible trilogy called the "Forest of Kalmera"


Early draft and world-building in progress

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