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Hello! My name is Amanda Starks.

I'm a young adult and adult fantasy writer from Austin, Texas who also dips her toes into content writing ( book, anime, TV show, movie, and game reviews ), shorter creative writing such as short stories and poems, as well as creating fun experiences and narratives around my book and gaming communities.

I've been writing for over a decade now and have jumped around to several universities and online creative writing programs to sharpen my literary sword. It hasn't been the most straightforward journey ( I almost became a geologist instead! ) but it's been one that has taught me a lot about kindness, patience, and the importance of fostering creativity and safe places in our youth and in our adults. 

I hope you find a kindred spirit here, if not in me, then in the content that I write.

Quick facts about me!

  • She/her or they/them are fine

  • I'm an MDD survivor

  • Favorite colors are blue and green

  • I prefer cats over dogs ( Don't tell Bolt! )

  • Youtube lore gaming channels are my happy place

  • Skyrim and Minecraft will never NOT be fun

  • Cheetos are my favorite snack

  • I'm a night owl, not an early riser

  • My guilty pleasures in books are grand entrances and fluffy romances between badass characters

  • My main categories of choice are YA dark fantasy and adult epic fantasy

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