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Welcome to Valheim!

A Short Story Series One Year in the Making

Hello there! Welcome to a short story blog entirely dedicated to the various fiction short stories I write based off of the events and happenings on a little community server known as Jiroc the Viking's Viking Playground!

For those of you unaware of what Valheim is, it's a procedurally generated, open world survival game where you play as a slain Viking thrown into the tenth world! Your goal is to defeat the forsaken: giant monsters who threaten the peace of all the realms.

As a Norse Mythology lover, it instantly peaked my interest when early access was dropped in Februrary of last year. Since then, I've sunken over 500 hours into the game, with the last 200 or so of those hours belonging solely to my new home on the Viking Playground.

Before joining the server, I was like most who play Valheim, wandering about on my single-player world, aimlessly looking for adventures, and finding the world quite lonely despite all the creatures, beautiful vistas, and tantalizing lore that inhabit it.

I saw Jiroc the Viking's trailer for the resource server one day while browsing Valheim content on YouTube, and I was immediately won over by the dedication and sense of community that he and his players showed. I hopped onto the discord server, and the rest was history...or so it was, until I realized that there was a #roleplay channel that was ripe for new stories.

It began with a story for my character, Izzoradelle, the Drowned Shieldmaiden, which got a lot of attention. I had many surprised and enamored players swept up in the narrative. It even got the attention of a few of the moderators, who asked me to write a story about a war between two of the servers clans. After that, I was hooked, and I wrote and wrote and wrote!

Seven months later, I now have at least a dozen short stories written for the server, from silly one-offs, to sweeping tales of war and sacrifice. I don't plan on stopping any time soon, as it's a great way to keep my storytelling muscles sharp, and inspiration from the server and the game itself is endless! Several of these short stories will be coming to you paired with a YouTube video edited by the wonderfully talented Bane. Be sure to subscribe to his channel as he posts personal builds on the server which will BLOW YOUR MIND. And of course, check out Jiroc the Viking's YouTube channel, and give his community a shot if you are looking for friends to play with! I will be there with Bane and many others who create content around Valheim. I hope you enjoy the stories to come! SKAL!

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